Welcome Autumn...be sweet please

Welcome Autumn...be sweet please.  Heaven knows we all need a bit of sweetness in our lives right now.... What a year this has been....not sure if it has been a whirlwind or time has stopped. 

Can you believe it is almost October? We're in our last haul to the end of the year and for now it's all about Pumpkin. Roasted pumpkin, grilled pumpkin, pumpkin latte, pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie.  This is the time for pumpkin lovers to go forth and conquer, just remember to indulge safely!

As we get into the swing of fall, it's breathtaking to recognize mother nature hand in this as she does her thing.   The leaves have begun to turn color, the weather is getting cooler (even in The Bahamas) and for my friends up north, the sweaters are beginning to come out.

Embrace the moment, reflect on new opportunities that will come in this season and remember the glass is always half full.  

Stay safe my friends.