Checking in....Is everyone okay?

Hey there, it's been such a long time but I thought I'd check in on you.   How are you faring and how is your family?  Sooooo much has changed since the last time we communicated. Woooooosah....COVID!!!   What a time!

How are you faring?  We are hanging in and adjusting to our new normal.  I miss the days of being able to just move around freely, breathing God's air (not behind a mask) and going uninhibited where I want to, and I'm sure you do too.

One thing I've learnt from Covid is that we have to to refocus, readjust and just keep moving to get past this.   My goal for Darcy Antonia in 2020 was to launch our line of Fine jewelry and although we were halted initially with the lockdown we have decided to push forward and some items are now listed on the website.  At first, I will be honest when I say I couldn't figure out how to carry on, got a bit down and then the old me kicked back in!

We will be having a "welcome FINE" sale, (more info coming soon) and it will be just for our special friends, yes you...wonderful follower!  

I'm promising not to leave you for so long again...drop me a line and let me know you are okay, would love to hear from you.

Cheers for now,